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International College for an Intelligent Nutrition
CINR Aisbl

International Not for profit association
The association’s mission is to promote healthy sustainable health or intelligent nutrition for everyone, in France and abroad, intelligent nutrition meaning implementing a nutrition which respects humankind’s and the planet’s health

The intelligent nutrition approach looks after the respect of food nutritional quality, its authenticity, the impact of food on humankind’s health and on the environment.
It includes and targets all players in the healthy sustainable nutrition sector, from farmer to consumer, in order to favour a new citizen attitude, focused on individual and collective health, as well as a sustainable development.

The association has several missions which are operated in a general not-for- profit public general interest.

The association is organized into Colleges (Committees) and Commissions :

  • Founding members College
  • Scientific College
  • Ethics College
  • Commissions and Committees of guest experts : organized around themes and temporary commissions adressing specific missions